Apple TV to Become iTV, Won’t Support 1080p

Apple is planning on changing the name of the Apple TV (back) to iTV, according to a new rumor from Engadget. The device won’t, however support 1080p or 1080i HD video output, and instead continue to offer only 720p.

Citing unnamed, but trusted, sources, the tech blog reported Wednesday that the next iteration will get a name change, and repeated the assertion that the device will run iOS 4.x, be powered by Apple’s A4 processor, and introduce a new, long-expected iTunes music streaming service.

There is some confusion, however, as to why Apple will continue to limit the device to 720p. The site’s source said it was a limitation of the A4 processor, but said that it wasn’t clear if this is truly the case.

Lastly, the iTV will be able to download apps from the App Store, but it is unclear whether or not it will get a new category of apps or merely support existing iPhone and/or iPad apps.

Apple had originally called the device iTV, but renamed it Apple TV shortly after its release.