Apple TV to Become iTV, Won’t Support 1080p

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Apple is planning on changing the name of the Apple TV (back) to iTV, according to a new rumor from Engadget. The device won’t, however support 1080p or 1080i HD video output, and instead continue to offer only 720p.

Citing unnamed, but trusted, sources, the tech blog reported Wednesday that the next iteration will get a name change, and repeated the assertion that the device will run iOS 4.x, be powered by Apple’s A4 processor, and introduce a new, long-expected iTunes music streaming service.

There is some confusion, however, as to why Apple will continue to limit the device to 720p. The site’s source said it was a limitation of the A4 processor, but said that it wasn’t clear if this is truly the case.

Lastly, the iTV will be able to download apps from the App Store, but it is unclear whether or not it will get a new category of apps or merely support existing iPhone and/or iPad apps.

Apple had originally called the device iTV, but renamed it Apple TV shortly after its release.

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There already is an ITV: A big TV network in England. Weren’t they the reason Apple dropped the name before?

It’s why I’m taking at least that part of this rumour with a block of salt.


Does anything support 1020p? raspberry


Two good points from other discussions I’ve seen:

1. “iTV” is the established trademark of a TV channel in the UK. Not to mention an iPhone app.

2. 720p is on par with what Hulu and Netflix offer, for streaming, but a letdown for people who want to watch their own 1080p content with the device.

I’ve avoided “set top boxes” in favor of a Mac Mini so far, and Apple’s last rev of the Mac Mini was a welcome upgrade. Two things that might convince me to try an iTV (or whatever they’ll call it) would be (1) apps and (2) DVR capabilities for regular TV (as opposed to downloaded/streamed TV shows).

However, I don’t think a non-touchscreen interface will be able to work with existing iApps, and there’s no quick fix that will provide a workaround. I also have doubts about the feasibility of Apple including a DVR good enough to actually interest me; suffice it to say I wouldn’t want to switch cable providers, configure IR emitters, or beg my cable provider for some card to make it work.

Lee Dronick

Whatever it is, and what features its has or lacks, we need to wait for an official announcement from Apple.


I think the ITV in the UK would be a big issue. It’s not like ITV makes brake shoes and there would be no confusion over the trademark. They are a TV network and the AppleTV is a TV media device. I seriously doubt they would even consider licensing the name no matter what Apple offered them. Also I seriously doubt that Apple would try to sell it with one name in the US and another one in the UK, even IF that would avoid the legal problems, which I don’t think it would.

As far as 1080p, Here’s an article that does the math (and repeats what I’ve read elsewhere):
The issue is that for most people, with most TVs you don’t gain anything from the higher resolution. Your eyes can’t see that fine. Not necessarily true for huge screens or if you sit close but for a lot of people it would just be bragging rights.  IMO it makes sense that Apple would not add a function that would add a lot of bandwidth and processor load but not add real value for most users.

Not that 1080p is without value. You just need a set, a room, and such that can benefit from it.

other side

Apple needs to make the iTV ex-TV.  As others have suggested, bundle the TV UI app with the Mac mini.  MAYBE sell a dedicated remote for living room use.


Instead of going down to 720 I would have wanted Apple to go to 4K.



Vudu (now owned by WalMart) supports 1080p. Vudu is a streaming service available on some Blue-ray players (like my LG, for example) and, I believe, some TVs.



And, BTW, I’m not aware of anything that supports 1020p (a typo, I assume grin).



Haha, the title used to say 1020p instead of 1080p (you can still see it in the address).  They silently fixed it.

Bryan Chaffin

Oh, we corrected it, for sure. I had it right in the story, but wrong in the title. Fortunately John Martellaro caught it and fixed it for me. smile

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