Apple Unveils Final Cut Pro X with 64-bit Support

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Apple Intros Final Cut Pro XApple took over the Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet at the NAB conference to introduce Final Cut Pro X Tuesday night. The new version of the professional video editing application will include 64-bit and OpenCL support, and can edit content in native formats instead of first transcoding.

The new version of Final Cut Pro will take advantage of Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch to offer better performance since all cores in a Mac can be used to process video and effects. FCP X will also offer 4K resolution-independent playback support, includes a magnetic timeline feature that automatically moves clips to new tracks to avoid conflicts, uses non-destructive ColorSync color management, and allows for timecode keywords in clips.

Final Cut Pro will be gaining a new user interface that borrows some from iMovie, includes smart collections to automatically organize media assets, offers background rendering, supports face recognition like iMovie, and more.

Apple didn’t show off new features in other Final Cut Studio suite applications, but company representatives did hint that the other titles should be getting updates, too.

Final Cut Pro will be available in June through Apple’s Mac App Store for US$299. Previously, Final Cut Pro cost $999.

[Thanks to TechCrunch, Macworld and The Loop for info on FCP X.]

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Wait, isn’t the $299 the upgrade price, not the actual price? If this isn’t the case, did Apple provide a reason for the drastic price drop?


App Store doesn’t provide upgrade path so the price is what it is. Apple now seems to view inexpensive but good software as a way to make the platform more valuable. The App Store has now proven that you can lower costs for apps, make them more widely available and still be profitable. Adobe, Avid and others will have to compete on both features and price to remain viable or risk losing even more market share.


Geez, took Apple long enough to switch FCP to the carbon API’s and 64bit. Premiere’s been there for a year. I guess the Apple programmers are just lazier than the Adobe programmers… wink


IMHO that’s the price Apple believes FCP is worth, and not a cheapening of the software. The $999 price was not just FCP, it was FCS, meaning the studio, which had a lot more to it than just FCP.  What do you think?


Demo of FCPX
Looks Awesome!
Might have to finally give up my G5 for the latest and greatest Mac.


$299 is FCP only, so not really all that drastic of a price cut.

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