Apple Updates Developer Beta SDKs for iOS, iTunes, Xcode, Apple TV

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iOS SDKApple has pushed new developer beta SDKs for iOS 5 (beta 3), iTunes (Developer Preview 3), iTunes 10.5 (beta 3), and Apple TV (beta 3). The releases come as Apple works towards the release of iOS 5, which is currently scheduled for release this Fall.

The changelog for iOS SDK 5 beta 3 includes a host of minor fixes, along with a few new abilities, some workarounds for existing problems, and a couple of new issues that were introduced in the new version.

Developers can find the changelog and download links for the new releases at Apple’s Developer Connection.



So, does the release of the SDK for AppleTV mean we’ll see installable apps for AppleTV some time soon?  Hope so!


That’s what I was just wondering.

However, I came to the conclusion, some time ago, that the need for apps on the AppleTV has been obviated by video mirroring of the iPad. Short version: Having the apps on the iPad and the AppleTV basically just acting as an ‘adapter’ allowing those apps to be displayed on a TV, solves the problems of needing to add considerably more flash memory and a sufficiently capable controller to the AppleTV without jacking its price up beyond what most would be willing to pay for it. Also, this way, the ‘controller’ is portable and can still run the apps when the TV isn’t there.

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