Apple Updates Epson Printer Drivers for Snow Leopard, Lion

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Apple released Epson Printer Drivers v2.10 OS X on Tuesday, an Epson-specific printer and scanner update for OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard. The patch notes offer no information about what is contained in the update, saying simply, “This download includes the latest Epson printing and scanning software for OS X Lion and Mac OS X v10.6.”

Lion & Snow Leopard Printer Drivers

Lion & Snow Leopard Printer Drivers

The download is 983.6MB (almost a full gigabyte for those keeping score at home), and is available on Apple’s Downloads site.

You can find an extensive list of supported Epson printers and scanners on Apple’s site, as well.

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Does anyone know why it’s so freaking big ?

Lee Dronick

Does anyone know why it?s so freaking big ?

It is Nature’s way of balancing out the tiny amount of usable ink Epson’s cartridges.


Actually I’ve still got a functional Stylus Pro XL+ (Parallel & Apple Serial port interfaces) Epson did make reliable printers in a bygone era.

I’ve got it connected it to my Mac Pro, Mac OS 10.6.8 with a USB -> Parallel adapter but I discovered that I needed to add a USB hub to the connection because either the USB -> Parallel adapter or the Parallel port doesn’t reset after a print job.

And I managed to get some unused black & colour ink cartridges off eBay, and the local Cartridge World can refill them….

I can print A3 ok, but I did have to experiment with the print settings to make it work.

On another note, I’ve still got an HP 5MP printer as well connected to an Airport Express via USB -> Parallel adapter which works as a network printer.

Back in the “dark ages” they sure knew how to build stuff that lasted.

Lee Dronick

Back in the ?dark ages? they sure knew how to build stuff that lasted.

My first printer was an ImageWriter, it was built like a Russian truck.

About a month ago I replaced our Epson inkjet with a Brother color laser. It looks to be more cost effective than the inkjets. I also have a 10 year old Brother monochrome laser printer that has proven very reliable, but my wife wanted a color printer for school assignments. Both printers and Seiko label printer are connected to the Airport Extreme via a USB hub, there is also a hard drive.


My first printer was an ImageWriter, it was built like a Russian truck.

Still got one of those, and in it’s original box too.

Regarding the Airport Express setup I have, I’ve got a couple of the original series and they don’t support USB hubs (I think)


I’ve always had an Epson because of the non bleed ink.  However, I also have two Brother ink jets and just hooked the big one up with a continuous ink supply.  It’s working super and BIG savings over cartridges.    Very simple to hook up. The tanks are refillable.


Why does Apple think we still need to print yet not sync to iCloud on Snow Leopard?


yet not sync to iCloud on Snow Leopard?

FixedOn66 has hit on a sore spot for me.

Please Apple (even though I know they don’t read TMO, (that I know of)) retrofit iCloud support to 10.6.

I’ve got 10.7 on my MacBook Pro, but I really don’t want to upset the “Apple” Cart and install 10.7 on my Mac Pro. My Mac Pro works just fine on 10.6 except for the lack of iCloud support.
Come on Apple, surely it can’t be that hard ? Or is Apple trying to force me to upgrade ? Surely not ? Apple isn’t evil…................

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