Apple Updates MainStage 2 with 21 Bug Fixes

MainStage 2Apple updated MainStage to version 2.1.3 on Friday, a maintenance release that addresses three bugs in the software. MainStage is a component of Logic that allows musicians to use the virtual instruments and amp and effects models from Logic live on a stage.

Apple’s patch notes:

MIDI Processing Issues

  • The Patch List no longer lags behind the Workspace in response to rapid bursts of incoming patch change commands.
  • MIDI messages on channels other than channel 1 are now properly routed to multitimbral software instruments.

Compatibility Issues

  • MainStage now properly displays factory presets for third-party Audio Unit plug-ins.
  • Fixes an issue which caused MainStage treat multiple keyboards of the same model as a single keyboard.
  • Fixes an issue in which MainStage did not respond to Concert download requests from the VAX77 keyboard.
  • Improves compatibility with Native Instruments plug-ins configured to use multiple outputs.

Stability issues

  • Fixes several issues that sometimes lead to MainStage quitting unexpectedly when closing a concert.
  • The template browser no longer becomes unresponsive after deleting a user-created MainStage template in the Finder.
  • Resolves an issue in which MainStage might become unresponsive when Undo was performed after deleting several patches.
  • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly if the Tru-Tape Delay pedal time setting in the Pedalboard is at its maximum value at very slow tempos.
  • Performance and stability are improved when switching between software instrument patches.
  • Resolves an issue in which dense clusters of incoming MIDI events might cause MainStage to quit unexpectedly under some circumstances.

General Issues

  • The value displayed in the Layer Display Height Inspector control is now properly updated after Undo or Redo.
  • Resolves an issue introduced in MainStage 2.1 that sometimes set the send values on certain channel strips incorrectly when patches were imported.
  • Undo now works correctly after a channel strip is cut from a patch and pasted at the Set level.
  • Fixes an issue introduced in MainStage 2.1 that prevented parameters from being mapped to screen controls in alias patches.
  • Resolves an issue in which the polyphony set in patches containing ES2 was not always saved properly.
  • Fixes an issue on multi-mapped objects in which the Momentary checkbox had no effect if set for the first mapping.
  • Mapping multiple Pedalboard Sync parameters to a single screen control now works properly.
  • Fixes an issue that stopped the Delete key from deleting mappings from the Mappings tab on the Screen Control Inspector.
  • The “Send to All > Transpose Octave Up” and “Send to All > Transpose Octave Down” mappings now work correctly in patches with multiple channel strips.

The update can be found in Software Update for users with MainStage installed. It is a 220.7MB download.