Apple Wins China Trademark Case


Apple Inc. managed to win a trademark infringement lawsuit in China against New Apple Concept Digital Technology Co., Ltd. over the use of the Mac and iPhone maker's trademarks and logo. The Chinese court ruled in favor of Apple, saying that the Shenzhen City-based company's logo looked similar to Apple's, according to China View.

New Apple Concept Digital Technology started using an apple adorned with wings as its logo in 2005, and Apple asked the company to stop in 2006. When the company refused, Apple filed a trademark infringement suit in April 2008.

Intermediate People's Court in Shenyang sided with Apple and ordered New Apple Concept Digital Technology to pay a 400,000 Yuan fine (about US$58,000) and to "to stop infringement practices."

The Cupertino-based Apple Inc. registered its logo and the trademark "APPLE" in 1993 when it entered the Chinese market, and holds the exclusive rights to both until 2013.

[Thanks to TMO reader awcabot for the heads up.]