Apple Working on Wearable Computer Prototypes

Apple is apparently working on designs for wearable computers, and has even gone so far as to build prototypes. Anonymous sources claim a small team at the company’s Cupertino headquarters are working on the devices along with concepts for other wearable computer products.

According to the New York Times, Apple’s wearable computer concepts include devices that send data to an iPhone, and others display information on iPod screens. The company is also said to be toying with the idea of a wrist watch-style iPod that sports a curved glass surface and a Siri voice control interface.

The idea of a curved glass surface first cropped up as a rumor earlier this year, although at the time it was assumed that the glass was for the next generation iPhone. That rumor fizzled out, however, when the iPhone 4S was released this fall with the same form factor as the iPhone 4.

Since iPhones, iPads and iPods are already easy to carry — and don’t seem to stray far from user’s hands — it seems likely that Apple is working on new designs and accessories that take advantage of mobile computing horse power. Wearable devices seem like a natural extension of that, although reports from unnamed sources saying the company has prototypes doesn’t mean shipping products are really on the way.

iPod nano wristbandYou may wear your next iPod

That said, Apple has already given consumers a taste of wearable tech with the iPod shuffle, and now the iPod nano. The current nano version even includes several watch faces and companies have made wrist bands designed to hold the iPod like a traditional wrist watch.

The idea that Apple could be working on ideas to bring the iPhone, wireless data technology, and Siri together for wearable computers, however, is enticing and hopefully something the company really is working on.