Apple’s Annual WWDC Set for June 2-6


Apple announced the dates for its 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference dates will be June 2 through June 6, and the event will be held at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco. The annual event brings together Mac and iOS developers with Apple's own engineers to learn about the company's roadmap and improve their own products.

WWDC 2014 ticket lottery is open, show dates are June2-6WWDC 2014 ticket lottery is open, show dates are June2-6

The even typically sells out in seconds, so Apple will be conducting a lottery to help give people more of a fair chance of getting in. Recent registration periods have favored the eastern coast of the United States, and tickets are gone well before the west coast wakes up.

Developers can sign up for the ticket lottery between now and April 7 at 10 AM pacific time. By 5 PM pacific time, Apple will notify lottery winners who will have until April 14 to purchase their tickets or lose their slot.

Signing up for tickets gets you in the lottery to buy starting on April 7Signing up for tickets gets you in the lottery to buy starting on April 7

To get in on the ticket lottery you must already be a current member of Apple's  iOS Developer Program, iOS Developer Enterprise Program, or Mac Developer Program. Tickets are priced at US$1,599 each, and are non-transferrable.

If you qualify for a ticket, head on over to Apple's developer website now and sign up for the lottery. Good hunting!

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Pashtun Wally

I think this argues in favor of an early Iphone 6 release, which would work out well for AAPL in several ways:  it will seriously shake-up the Droidverse & disrupt non-iPhone product development cycles (potentially catching at least one major competitor with an obsolete product about to release…);  it will allow Apple to reshuffle the 4s/5c imbalance sooner rather than later;  and it will give the iPhone a chance to ‘catch up’ with itself in terms of re-syncing the line with advances in basic tech (like, oh, screen size).

Then again, I’ve long been convinced that Apple does best when it swings for the fences, so as much as I like the 4/5 look’n'feel overall, I’m hoping for a 6 that appears early enough & adds new value enough to leave Google and Nokia and Samsung with a wasted development cycle (AND associated costs) to eat…

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