Apple's First Scripted Series will Star Dr. Dre

Apple is pushing forward with its first scripted series with a show called Vital Signs starring and produced by Dr. Dre. Citing unnamed sources, The Hollywood Report reported that Vital Signs will be a semi-autobiographical vehicle for the rap mogul-turned-tech executive. Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae will also be involved.

Apple TV with Dr. Dre

Perhaps even more interesting is that Vital Signs will be distributed through Apple Music, and it's not yet clear if Apple TV will be involved. It's a good assumption, however, that the show is being conceived to promote both Apple Music and Apple TV.

The series will be comprised of just six episodes, with "each episode focusing on a different emotion and how Dre’s character deals with it." Those episodes will be just 30 minutes long, but are expected to be dark, violent, and filled with sex. According to the report, "an episode filming Monday and Tuesday this week featured an extended orgy scene."

So there's that.

Apple has long been rumored to be interested in producing original programming to jump-start the subscription TV service the company has had in development for years. The Hollywood Reporter said that Vital Signs is the only show officially in the works so far, and that it was pitched by Dr. Dre to Jimmy Iovine, his cofounder of Beats Electronics and a fellow Apple employee.

Original programming has done wonders for Netflix and Amazon, and like Netflix, Apple will reportedly release all six episodes of Vital Signs at the same time for some mini-binge watching.

Image made with help from Shutterstock and Dr. Dre.