Apple’s iTunes 11.1.4 Doesn’t Include Wish List Support Reported in Release Notes

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[Update: As jbruni commented below, as of Monday, 1/27, Apple has enabled this feature.]

Late on Wednesday Apple released an update to iTunes, version 11.1.4. In addition to the "stability improvements" common in most release notes, yesterday's update reported "This version of iTunes adds the ability to see your Wish List while viewing your iTunes library." The thing is, we can't find it and neither can anyone else

Wish List is still available by going to the iTunes Store, clicking the "Home" tab (the one at the top in the shape of a house) and then choosing "My Wish List" from the Quick Links section on the right. It's also available by choosing the "hamburger" menu in the upper right corner of the window when in the iTunes Store section, but that was there in 11.1.3 and is not new to iTunes 11.1.4 (we checked).

As Macworld has, we've reached out to Apple for clarification.

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I couldn’t find wish list support anywhere I checked. Seems like a simple drop down menu button may have been left out to keep the clean interface. I can’t find it anywhere else though either.
Part of Apples sly wish list …. wishing the wish list was there ploy!!

Vic Wu

You can see this blog.
Is Wish list on the right upper corner?

Vic Wu

Sorry ! The correct website :
Maybe this is the answer.


Vic Wu….
What was highlighted in your link has been there for a while I believe if you are clicked on the iTunes store portion of iTunes.
I think the update is confusing because it is saying that you can access the wish list while in your actual iTunes library. If I have anything under the library section highlighted such as music or podcasts, there is no similar drop down menu to access the wish list. There is nothing on the right hand side in the corner.

Jacob Penderworth

At least the Wish List menu no longer closes itself after five seconds. In the last version of iTunes, the list was barely usable thanks to this bug.


Tu use Wish lLst click the down arrow to the right of the item price. Add to Wish List is the second choice. This works in all stores except the TV store.


Strange, I did not update iTunes, yet it is updated. Don’t think I like that. Must keep copies. I do this with Pages 4 and QT 7 as I do not wish them messed with.


This must have been a feature that needed to be enabled from Apple’s server side. Today (1/25) I noticed that the wish list is showing up in my library (not in the store).

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