Apple’s iTunes Match Lands in Japan

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Apple's iTunes Match has finally made its way to Japan, adding yet another country to an already long list. Just like in the United States, iTunes Match lets users store their iTunes library online and upgrade lower audio quality recordings to higher quality versions.

iTunes Match finally available in JapaniTunes Match finally available in Japan

Japan has been one of the only countries where iTunes Match was conspicuously missing, leaving a potentially large market for the subscription service out of reach for Apple. The service costs US$24.99 a year, or ¥3,980 in Japan.

If you aren't sure if iTunes Match is available in your country, you can check out Apple's iTunes Match compatibility webpage. The page lists the countries where iTunes Match, iTunes in the Cloud, and iTunes Radio are available.

[Thanks to Mac Rumors for the heads up]

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It seems crazy that iTunes Match wasn't available in Japan before now. It's also crazy that iTunes Radio is still available only in the United States and Australia.

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