Apple’s Tim Cook Interviewed By NBC’s Williams, Airs Thursday

Tim Cook NBC Interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook was recently interviewed by NBC’s Brian Williams, according to NBC News. The interview, which took place in New York City and features Apple’s new Grand Central retail store, will air Thursday, December 6, on the network’s Rock Center news program. From Mr. Williams:

I spent the day with Tim Cook , the head of Apple, for an exclusive interview, the first of its kind he ever granted. The conversation will air next Thursday night on Rock Center… Unlike the man he replaced, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook was able to walk unrecognized across Grand Central Station. Once he got to his Apple Store that changed of course, as devoted fans approached and he was treated like a rock star.

The interview is significant in that it will be the first televised interview given by Mr. Cook since assuming his role as CEO in August 2011. Further, it will be the first interview of Mr. Cook via any format since the company’s significant management shakeup in October.

Some Apple fans spotted Mr. Cook during his interview walkthrough and tweeted photos. 9to5Mac has a summary of some of these images along with official shots provided by NBC.