Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store to Get a $6.6M Facelift

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The iconic glass cube at Apple’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City is undergoing renovations in a project that is costing the company over US$6.6 million. Construction fences were set up around the structure Wednesday night so workers can disassemble and rebuild the glass structure, according to

Fifth Avenue Apple StoreApple’s Fifth Avenue Apple Store gets some TLC

The glass cube serves as the entrance to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, which sits below street level. The glass structure was built in late 2005 and completed in early 2006 to the tune of about $7 million.

Apple hasn’t said if the project will be a remodel for the current structure, or if security-related upgrades are being installed. The work will, however, include at least a few upgrades since water drains and pavers surrounding the store are being replaced.

Construction is expected to be completed in November, and the store will remain open during the project.

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My first visit to this beautiful store was on a very rainy night. Water not only leaked in all around the entrance but also spattered onto the staircase. There were a few steady drips on the floor below and people were dodging both that and the resulting puddles.

Not that anyone inside really seemed to mind.

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