Apple’s Grand Central Store Opens Dec 9

Apple’s new Grand Central Terminal store in New York is set to officially open its doors on Friday, December 9, at 10AM. The multi-level store will include the usual amenities such as a Genius Bar, and also maintains the space’s unique architecture.

Apple Grand Central Store

Apple’s Grand Central store is the focus of some controversy thanks to the lease terms the company negotiated with New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The 23,000 square foot space is costing Apple US$60 a foot, where other Grand Central tenants are paying $200. Apple also managed to avoid having to share revenue with the MTA.

New York’s Comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli, is launching an investigation into the deal to determine whether or not “the MTA hasn’t given away the store.”

MTA officials say they swung the best deal possible for the space, and managed to quadruple the rent they’re collecting. The agency also said Apple’s new store will increase traffic for other retailers in the terminal.

Starting on Monday, December 12, the store will open at 7AM to accommodate weekday commuters. The location will open at 10AM on Saturdays, and 11AM on Sundays.