Apple’s iDataCenter Finally Appears on Google Maps

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Apple’s massive data center, commonly called the “iDataCenter”, the company is building in Maiden, North Carolina has appeared at long last on Google Maps. The overhead satellite view shows a very large building dominated by a white roof, one road leading in, another road leading out, very little parking, and a separate facility that may or may or may not belong to Apple.

Missing from Google’s mapping service since rumors of the data center first cropped up in 2009, its appearance the day after Apple officially acknowledged its iCloud service has raised questions of a conspiracy between the two otherwise vicious competitors to keep the well-known facility secret. A Google spokesperson put the kibosh on that kind of nonsense, however, saying on Wednesday that the search giant had just pushed out a large update to its mapping service.

“We regularly update our imagery in Google Earth in order to provide our users with the richest, most up-to-date imagery possible,” a Google spokeswoman told a Bay Area NBC affiliate. “In this case, we updated our aerial imagery recently in Lenoir, N.C., which we announced on May 20, 2011.”

So on the one hand, there’s no pointless conspiracy, and on the other hand, coincidences do happen. On the third hand, we now have a fantastic view of what this mysterious and headline-generating facility looks like, at least on the outside.

Apple's iDataCenter on Google Maps

Apple’s iDataCenter revealed in Google Maps for the first time
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Lee Dronick

At long last? Didn’t this just get built? The imagery of the university campus where I work is at least four years out of date. I’m surprised it showed up so quickly.


Finally appears? Likely updated due more to specific requests than any regular automatic updating of Google Maps. I live in Chicago, a location I’d tend to think would be more up to date than most??or remote??areas, but isn’t. Most Chicago city locations I’ve viewed close up recently haven’t been updated for years. My car, for instance, is still parked in front of my house (near downtown) where it was two years ago before the street was repaved. Do satellites not regularly shoot the largest cities in the country?

Lee Dronick

Do satellites not regularly shoot the largest cities in the country?

I think that they do. I just checked my house and the image is different from when I checked a few weeks ago. The current one is more of an oblique angle and shows my wife’s car in the driveway. However, who knows when the image was taken and how long it takes to process them.

Another thing that I have noticed is that for a city location I can zoom in with and have more detail, better resolution, than at a rural location.


It’s still not on Bing Maps. Apple must have conspired with Microsoft to hide it….

Lee Dronick

It?s still not on Bing Maps. Apple must have conspired with Microsoft to hide it?.

Your right Dave. The data center is close to the intersection of Startown Rd and Hwy 33 at Maiden North Carolina, southwest corner, the Bing Map photo shows only an empty field.

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