Apple’s New Mall of America Neighbor: Microsoft

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Microsoft has begun construction of its Mall of America retail store directly across from Apple’s own location in the mega shopping center. The four stores Microsoft has opened so far are near Apple Stores, although the Mall of America location looks like the closest so far.

Microsoft’s fifth store is substantially larger than the Apple Store on the opposite side of the walkway, according to the Pioneer Press.

Microsoft: Copying stores, and now locations.

The concept behind Microsoft’s retail stores mimics the Apple Store design, complete with block tables showing off computers, employees in colored t-shirts, and an Answer Bar — Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Genius Bar.

There isn’t any word yet on exactly when Microsoft will open its Mall of America location.



I was ready to say something sarcastic about this, but after some thought, actually think that this is a good thing for Apple. I actually hope to see the Apple retail stores continue to evolve, and set the standard for the future of tech stores.

Who knows, maybe Radio Shack will follow suit and sell transistors and breadboards from floating translucent cubes.


Fun times!

NOTE: The Apple store would have been the larger, but Steve Jobs is too hard to work with.


I’m not sure that Microsoft really need such a large store. After all, bigger doesn’t mean better. They’d better hope that they get enough foot traffic or their store going to look mighty empty.

I’ve always felt that putting their stores next to Apple stores was a risky decision. The Apple stores are usually very busy and if their stores aren’t, it won’t give a favorable impression of their products. It will also make their blatant copying of Apple so very obvious. Evidently they don’t care.

Who knows, it might work for them.

Personally, I’ve heard that the Microsoft store is a fairly “hard sell” environment. That’s the one thing that I love about the Apple stores, there is no pressure, you can wander about in comfort, test-driving whatever you wish. The products tend to sell themselves.


And the smaller Apple store will have 10x more customers than that big empty Microsoft store could ever dream of.

I would like to see an article comparing foot traffic of both stores later with pictures of each store of the crowds, or lack there of in Microsofts case. Oh, but not on opening day of the Microsoft store, that’s the only day it will have lines for free concert tickets.

It should be a story based on a week in the life of the Apple store and the Microsoft store on a non-event week for either so it shows who really is going into the store for products, not for freebies.



Not sure why, but this story reminded me of this classic Apple ad copy. I guess because no matter how blatantly they copy Apple, it’s still Microsoft underneath.


I would like to see an article comparing foot traffic of both stores later with pictures of each store of the crowds, or lack there of in Microsofts case. Oh, but not on opening day of the Microsoft store,

I agree. I would like to see an update on what is happening with the MS stores. I imagine they are not doing terribly and that they are primarily continuing because MS believes that with enough time and money, they can do with weak products/stores what they have done with the X-Box.

I can understand why there are Apple fanbois. I imagine there are MS fanbois. If they exist, they need a place to go and hang out.


There goes the neighborhood..

other side

And what does MS plan on actually selling there?  People don’t exactly go to the MOA with the idea of picking up an install of Office or Windows.

Anyway, just the idea of Ballmer in those halls is enough to drive the entire Mall’s traffic down…


Mostly this makes me think Microsoft is still trying to compete with the Apple of ten years ago. Yawn. I’ll be shocked if Ballmer is even still around in five years.


If I can dig up my old video of when I was at the Mall of America Apple Store opening 9 years ago, I’ll try posting it on YouTube.  It would be fun to go there on opening day and see the “excitement” and line for the Microsoft store at its opening, record it and compare.

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