Apple’s Q2 Lobbying Budget: $390K

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Apple shelled out some US$390,000 during its second fiscal quarter to lobby for education technology funding along with several other issues, according to Forbes. The company spent that money lobbying Congress, the Education Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the FCC, and more.

The Mac and iPhone maker also paid to lobby on parts of the U.S. economic stimulus bill, electronic waste issues, recycled materials standards for electronics sold to the government, battery safety, and the Energy Star efficiency rating program.

It's no surprise Apple spent money lobbying on education technology since the company's Mac computers have historically been popular in school systems.

In comparison to other tech companies, Apple's quarterly lobbying budget seems small, even at nearly $400,000. Google, for example, spend about $950,000 during its second quarter, AT&T spent over $3 million, and Microsoft spent $1.89 million.


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

The day the DOJ filed its anti-trust case against Microsoft, the company had one part time lobbyist in DC. This is a dangerous game the tech companies play. And now is an especially dangerous time.


Ah, the US Congress:  Bribes-R-US.  Influence from big business, big labor, and wealthy individuals creates legislation.  Citizens have no input.

Microsoft monopoly problems seemed to disappear due to MS generosity.  Chairman Bill received an exclusive audience with the (People’s) House to acknowledge his contributions to ... well, to Congress.

The current US Health Care debate may set new records for money sprinkled on Congress.  Democracy anyone?

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