appLOUD for iPhone Allows Fans to Tip Bands, Post Concert Videos

Have a band and want to monetize your fan base? There's an app for that called appLOUD. The free app allows fans and artists to post concert videos, and tag those videos with a band's Twitter handle and the band's genre hashtag. The app then automatically connects the video to iTunes and concert ticket sales, and it even allows fans to directly tip bands.


Tap to Play

The app requires fans and artists to sign up—one can create a dedicated account or sign in via Twitter or Facebook. Tips as little as US$1 are handled via in-app credit card transaction powered by Stripe, and users must enter a credit card number.


Tip a Band!

Artists, on the other hand, must provide a PayPal account to receive funds, and they must also supply a URL for the live gig schedule.


Powered by Stripe

appLOUD itself is monetized by keeping 10 percent of tips, and the company also has affiliate deals set up with ticketing agencies and iTunes. 90 percent of tips going to the artist is a far better deal for bands than most crowd-funding engines, most of which keep 30 percent.

The company is still in the angel investor phase, according to TechCrunch, having raised $130,000 from a hodgepodge of Silicon Valley venture capitalists. While the app is live, it is currently focusing on London, New York, and Los Angeles. The app has a website, as well, but it's a tad buggy.