AppSwitch Shows Open iPhone Apps & System Resources

XCool Apps announced Monday the release of a new iPhone app called AppSwitch, an app that shows you all your open apps, allows you to switch between them, and monitors your system resources such as CPU usage, disk and memory usage, uptime, etc. AppSwitch also allows you to go to a specific feature within another app when switching to it.

The software uses a database of App Store apps to provide information about running apps, and the developers enabled that database to be able to receive over the air updates, rather than having to update the entire app through the App Store every time the database changes.

App features:

  • Monitor all background and running processes
  • Switch to App and Shortcuts technology (on supported apps)
  • Detailed device info, memory and disk space usage
  • Console, view messages sent by the operating system and other processes/apps
  • Over-the-air updates for Apps Database and Icon Packs
  • Full iOS4 multitasking and Retina Display support

AppSwitch is priced at US$0.99 and is available now at the App Store.

SwitchApp ScreenshotSwitchApp Screenshot

AppSwitch Screenshots Showing Open Apps and System Resources