Army of Darkness Coming to iPhone

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The cult classic movie Army of Darkness is coming to the iPhone early in 2011 in the form of a new video game. The game is coming care of Backflip Studios, who is “insanely excited” about the project, according to Touch Arcade.

Players take on the role of the protector of the Necrinomicon and battle Deadites with chainsaws, their boomstick, and more.

Apparently the Backflip Studios team claims Army of Darkness is their favorite movie, so they’re promising a game that does the flick justice. The company hasn’t announced an official launch date yet.

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Hopefully there is loads of Bruce involvement!

Hail to the King, baby!


For a second there I thought you meant that Microsoft employees were buying iPhones.


Listen up you primitive Windoze users! Er, I mean screwheads…

There is also an Army of Darkness soundboard app out there too that’s pretty good.

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