Arten Science Announces Bulk Email Sending for Mac OSX

Arten Science announced Thursday that R10BatchMail is now available for purchase. R10BatchMail is a Bulk Email program for Mac OS X.

Data is imported into R10BatchMail from Address Book and/or from an industry-standard TAB Delimited file. Contact information can be imported and combined into R10BatchMail, the resulting list can then be edited and exported. R10BatchMail records what was sent and allows users to export this history to Excel, a TAB Delimited File or Comma Separated File.

R10BatchMail supports HTML and Plain Text Email with minimal configuration. The utility also allows users to sort columns and to select some or all of the listed contacts fro any particular mailing.

R10BatchMail is available for download at the company’s Web site in three editions:

  • Free Edition - Contains a link to R10BatchMail at the footer of each email.
  • Standard Edition - £25 (US$36.69)
  • Site License - £100 ($146.77)

There are many legit reasons for sending bulk e-mail, but we strongly suggest anyone considering this software for sending spam not do so to avoid the curse that would otherwise befall them.

R10BatchMail Screen Shot