Arthur Levinson Resigns from Google Board

Google lost a board member on Monday with the announcement that Arthur Levinson has resigned. Mr. Levinson's move follows Google CEO Eric Schmidt's resignation from Apple's board of directors, completing the separation of the two company's boards.

Mr. Levinson joined Apple's board of directors in 2000 and Google's in 2004. The two companies began developing competing products, so eventually they fell under the watchful eye of the Securities and Exchange Commission because of Mr. Levinson's and Mr. Schmidt's involvement on both boards.

After Mr. Schmidt left Apple's board, speculation began over whether or not Mr. Levinson would follow suit. Ultimately he chose to keep his position on Apple's board.

The relationship between Apple and Google appears to be strained as of late. Both have smartphone and Web browser projects, they have been bickering over whether or not the Google Voice application was blocked from Apple's App Store, and now Apple has purchased the online map company Placebase.

Just how congenial the two companies are, however, wasn't the issue for Mr. Levinson. "Every lawyer knew that Levinson's position on both board was untenable, both as a matter of law and business," an attorney familiar with corporate law told The Mac Observer. "The only question was which company, Apple or Google, he would choose."