Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs in Indy Film

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Ashton Kutcher, well known for his roles in That ’70s Show and Two and a Half Men, landed the role of Steve Jobs in an upcoming film about the Apple co-founder’s life, simply called Jobs. The independent film is said to follow Mr. Jobs’s life from “wayward hippie,” to founding Apple.

Ashton Kutcher image courtesy Rotten TomatoesAshton Kutcher image courtesy Rotten Tomatoes

Variety broke the news on April 1, raising questions as to whether or not the article was a prank. The entertainment industry publication insisted the story wasn’t a joke, and The Hollywood Reporter later backed up the story.

Jobs was scripted by Matt Whiteley, and will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern, known for Swing Vote and Neverwas.

This film isn’t associated with the Walter Isaacson biography of Mr. Jobs. The rights to the film version of his book were snatched up by Sony, and presumably won’t include any appearances by Mr. Kutcher.

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Lee Dronick

Well there is a physical resemblance.


The Sony film is supposedly going to be written by Aaron Sorkin, so presumably already a notch up on this biopic.  They have to go back to Noah Wiley, the guy who portrayed Jobs in “The Pirates of Silicon Valley,” and was so good, that Jobs invited him to MacWorld to imitate him, and fool the audience.

There he was with four days of beard, black turtleneck and jeans, and he fooled all of us, until Steve walked onstage. What an uproar followed!

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