Astropad Beefs Up Apple Pencil Support

| Product News

Astro HQ updated its Astropad app on Monday with improved support for the iPad Pro's Apple Pencil. Astropad lets you use your iPad like a pressure sensitive graphics tablet for your Mac.

Astropad improves Apple Pencil SupportAstropad improves Apple Pencil Support

The update added stylus tilt support for Apple Pencil, and improved the pressure curve and stroke quality for Apple's stylus. Astropad now also offers sharper image quality on the iPad Pro and reduced latency, giving users an overall better and more responsive experience.

The new Astropad features require an update for the iPad version, available through the App Store, and an update to version 1.3.5 on the Mac, available as an in-app download.

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Jak Keyser

I’d be interested in a comparison with Duet Display and also with The Wacom Cintiq.
Astropad seems to taut the pen use with Photoshop.

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