At Last: Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bags Made from Corn

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Mobile Edge announced Tuesday a new line of “Checkpoint-Friendly” laptop bags made from Sorona, a material made partially from feedstock corn rather than petrochemicals. The cases are called ScanFast 2.0, and are designed to allow users to go through U.S. airport security checks without taking one’s MacBook or MacBook Pro out of the case.

According to Mobile Edge, manufacturing Sorona reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 63% compared to Nylon or Polyester, and it also uses 30% less energy.

The ScanFast 2.0 Collection includes a briefcase design, a messenger bag design, and a backpack-style case, and all three are priced at US$99.99. They are available now.

ScanFast 2.0 Collection

ScanFast 2.0 Collection

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