AT&T Limits Wi-Fi Calling to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

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AT&T turned on Wi-Fi calling on Thursday, which is awesome as long as you have the right model iPhone. Even though Apple says Wi-Fi calling is supported on the iPhone 5c and newer, AT&T chose to enable the feature only for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

No Wi-Fi calling for iPhone 5c or 5s on AT&TNo Wi-Fi calling for iPhone 5c or 5s on AT&T

According to AT&T, Wi-Fi calling also requires iOS 9, so if you haven't updated your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus from iOS 8 yet, you're out of luck. iPhone owners who're rocking a 5c or 5s model can't get in on Wi-Fi calling, either, even though they technically could.

Wi-Fi calling lets your iPhone use broadband Internet connections via Wi-Fi for phone conversations when cell signals are too weak. Apple introduced Wi-Fi calling support in iOS 8, and T-Mobile was the first carrier to let its subscribers use the feature. AT&T was late to the game because it chose to apply for an FCC waiver that granted permission to sidestep regulations related to the TTY systems hearing impaired people use for phone conversations.

The Mac Observer reached out to AT&T to find out if the older model iPhones will be able to get in on Wi-Fi calling. Company spokesperson Seth Blom said, "We're not announcing future wi-fi calling devices just yet."

That doesn't mean AT&T isn't going to add the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, but it doesn't mean they will, either. The noncommittal answer gives AT&T some wiggle room, although it does make it clear that—at least for now—you need an iPhone 6 or newer to use Wi-Fi calling on their network.

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Will customers with legacy Unlimited Data plans be allowed in?


JustCause: they should, and all phones too.

After all, it’s using your WiFi bandwidth rather than AT&T’s precious spectrum, freeing that up for other users. And you still get charged minutes for it !! But of course - this is AT&T.

Gary Dauphin

1) Stupid to limit it to 6 series phones.
2) Fails for me.  Forces all data traffic thru cellular connection, even though it has determined I have a strong WiFi.  Slow and stupid programming.
3) Calls fail.  Siri reports back that ‘You have too weak of a cellular connection’ even though I am on WiFi, and WiFi Calling is turned on.

Switching to Verizon on Monday!

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