AT&T Adds iPhone to Insurance Offerings

AT&T is adding Apple’s iPhone to its mobile insurance program for the first time on July 17. Previously, AT&T’s only option for iPhone insurance was through a third-party company.

The insurance AT&T is offering iPhone users covers loss or theft, hardware failure, and accidental damage including liquids. The cell service provider said it can replace most phones within one business day.

AT&T adds iPhone insuranceAT&T finally offering iPhone insurance

Just like any other insurance policy, AT&T has some restrictions such as customers have a 30 day window to enroll in the program after upgrading phones or starting a new activation. The policy applies only after the phone manufacturer’s own warranty has expired (that’s one year for the iPhone), and customers can file only two claims “within any consecutive 12 months.”

AT&T’s phone insurance will cost US$4.99 a month and includes a $50 or $125 deductible, depending on the type of phone being replaced.