AT&T Cuts iPhone 3GS to $49

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AT&T announced on Thursday that on Friday, January 7, it will start selling the 8GB iPhone 3GS for US$49 to new and upgrade-eligible customers. Last month, retailers including Best Buy and Radio Shack offered temporary $49 iPhone 3GS deals, but now that price point is official, at least from AT&T: at the time this article was posted, Apple’s online store continues to offer the iPhone 3GS for $99.

Apple released the iPhone 3GS during the summer of 2009, but it continued to be sold for $99 after the iPhone 4 was announced last summer. Radio Shack’s holiday deal last month also knocked $50 off the price of the iPhone 4, but prices for the current-gen smartphone seem poised to remain where they previously were for the time being.

Rumors continue to swirl that the iPhone is headed to Verizon soon, which may have prompted the move by AT&T.

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Can you say Inventory Reduction Sale? Get ‘em gone. New phones imminent. (a la Verizon)

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