AT&T Expands Atlanta Wireless Data Service Coverage

AT&T announced on Friday that it has expanded its wireless data coverage in the Atlanta area. The company added what it called a second layer of capacity, or "second carrier," to almost 90 cell sites throughout the Atlanta metro area to offer more wireless data capacity during peak broadband traffic times.

The cell service provider previously rolled out an 850MHz band upgrade to more that 540 cell sites around Atlanta in an effort to improve overall voice coverage, too. The upgrade should offer better cell coverage indoors, and allow for higher network capacity.

The company also completed 850MHz upgrades in some other cities in 2009, including Denver.

AT&T has come under fire in recent months for not being able to keep up with customer demand in many cities because of heavy iPhone usage. Two of the larger areas impacted by apparent over capacity issues include New York and San Francisco, although AT&T hasn't said when it plans to offer similar multi-layer service upgrades in those cities.