AT&T Handing Out MicroCells to Some Customers

AT&T is apparently giving away its MicroCell signal boosters to some of its “most valuable customers.” The giveaway is part of a trial program in targeted areas where customers are experiencing call coverage issues.

The company has been offering the devices for between US$50 and $150 depending on whether or not customers opt for add-on plans that supplement their regular voice minute plans. The MicroCell device connect to a customer’s broadband Internet connection and offers a stronger voice and data connection that surrounding cell tower signals.

So far, AT&T subscribers that are eligible for a free MicroCell are being notified by letter.

AT&T has historically been the focus of consumer complaints over weak coverage areas for voice and data communication. The company has, however, been upgrading its networks across the country to improve signal strength and data connection speeds.

For AT&T customers in the trial program areas, the possibility of getting a free MicroCell is good news — both for their voice and data connections at home, as well as their pocketbook.

[Thanks to Engadget for the heads up.]