AT&T Shared Mobile Data Plans Available August 23

AT&T launching shared mobile data plans on Aug 23Cell service provider AT&T announced on Monday that its new shared data plans for mobile devices will be available starting Thursday, August 23. AT&T unveiled the plans in July, but until now wasn’t offering a firm launch date.

When the company announced the shared data plans in July, it stated, “With new AT&T Mobile Share plans, available in late August, new and existing customers can share a single bucket of data across smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices, plus get unlimited talk and text,” the company said in a statement.”

The Mobile Share plans support up to 10 devices, and at least one must be a smartphone such as the iPhone. The plans also include data tethering, which is a feature that otherwise would include an additional fee.

Pricing starts at US$40 for 1GB of shared wireless data, plus $45 per smartphone. Each laptop costs $20 per month, and tablets costs $10 a month. Monthly fees for smartphones is lower with bigger data plans.

AT&T is also offering a Web page to help customers decide which shared data package works best for them.