AT&T Shared Mobile Data Plans Available August 23

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AT&T launching shared mobile data plans on Aug 23Cell service provider AT&T announced on Monday that its new shared data plans for mobile devices will be available starting Thursday, August 23. AT&T unveiled the plans in July, but until now wasn’t offering a firm launch date.

When the company announced the shared data plans in July, it stated, “With new AT&T Mobile Share plans, available in late August, new and existing customers can share a single bucket of data across smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices, plus get unlimited talk and text,” the company said in a statement.”

The Mobile Share plans support up to 10 devices, and at least one must be a smartphone such as the iPhone. The plans also include data tethering, which is a feature that otherwise would include an additional fee.

Pricing starts at US$40 for 1GB of shared wireless data, plus $45 per smartphone. Each laptop costs $20 per month, and tablets costs $10 a month. Monthly fees for smartphones is lower with bigger data plans.

AT&T is also offering a Web page to help customers decide which shared data package works best for them.

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So for two phones, the data alone will cost me $130.00 dollars per month. This is more than my whole phone bill now! No way.


Shared plan is a sham unless you have more than 3 phones and that will barely save you anything. It’s a bate and switch plan to get users to pay more for less.

Lee Dronick

I suspect that in six momths or so AT&T will drop the price on thses plans.


They’ve missed an opportunity here. I have 2 ATT iPhones and we’re considering an iPad. Previous to the rumor and announcement of shared data plans, we were thinking a Verizon iPad would be better in case there’s a difference in coverage. (I’m not too concerned about speed, just actual connectivity when I need it.)
So when I heard about shared data, I was thinking that may make sense to “just add” an iPad. No way. 2 iPhones and 1 iPad= $140. Current plan + Verizon iPad= $110. I’d get more data and unlimited text, but you know… I have iMessage and WiFi is everywhere.
I’ve said it before: ATT’s idea of innovation is getting their customers to pay more for the same thing. I really can’t see continuing with AT&T after the contract is up, and I’ve had AT&T for over 10 years.


To be clear the above plan is not just shared data but shared EVERYTHING. Shared data, shared/unlimited messaging, AND shared/unlimited minutes. This plan replaces your current talk, messaging and data plan. I believe it also replaces the $10/extra family phone charge. Add to that the included tethering and it will probably save you money or at least give you more for the same money.

MO you need to stop referring to it as just shared data.


I believe it also replaces the $10/extra family phone charge.

Yes it does. It replaces it with a $45 charge.

Add to that the included tethering…

I actually missed that point, if I really needed tethering, that actually would make this package tolerable.
Now, see what they did to me? They innovated me into thinking that paying extra for the privilege of using my data differently is actually acceptable. It’s not.

I will sell you this apple. But it is for eating only. If you wish to display it as decor, you will have to pay more.
But, if you buy this apple as a part of this fruit basket, you can eat or display the apple at no extra charge.
Doesn’t that sound like a deal?


I have a grandfathered $15-for-200MB data plan on my iPhone 3GS, and my wife has a “great-grandfathered” $30-for-unlimited data plan (and $5-for-200 txt msg plan) on her iPhone 4.  Two things that I have not seen addressed, even in rumors, are (1) whether we can keep these ancient plans in place yet again when we next upgrade phones, and (2) whether we will be restricted to 3G access, even on a putative LTE-capable iPhone 5, if we do keep the old plans.  As far as I can tell, AT&T charges the same for data under the current data plan pricing structure regardless of whether or not you have a 4G-capable phone; is that correct?

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