AT&T Toys with iPads Instead of Cash Registers

AT&T opened a new concept store in Chicago recently to try out some new retail ideas including replacing cash registers with iPads for handling customer transactions. Part of AT&T’s plan is to see if it can set itself apart from other cell service providers by offering a better in-store experience.

Along with iPads and iPhone to manage customer transactions, AT&T also installed interactive wall displays to show off products. By pulling out the traditional counters and sales terminals, AT&T hopes to help break down the artificial — and also very real — barrier between sales staff and customers.

AT&T tries iPads for store salesAT&T tries iPads for store sales

The store also includes product demo stations, and a Genius Bar-like service for helping customers with questions and technical issues.

“We really do see our retail stores as an opportunity to differentiate the AT&T experience,” AT&T retail president Paul Roth said to AllThingsD.

Since the Chicago store is a concept location, there isn’t any guarantee that AT&T will scrap its current sales system in all of its 2,300 stores in favor of iPads. Since the company is at least trying out iPads as sales system replacements, however, shows that Apple’s tablet is good for more than just watching movies and playing Angry Birds.

[AT&T store image courtesy of AllThingsD.]