Australian Ad Hints at New Mac Models

Rumors that new Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models are on the way got a boost thanks to ads that appeared in Australia. PC Authority apparently displayed ads showing prices for Apple’s portable and tower computers that are higher than the current list pricing, leading to speculation that new models are on the way, and that they’ll cost more than the computers they replace, according to Engadget.

The apparent price increases have led to speculation that Apple will be using Intel’s Core i7 processors in updated Mac Pro and MacBook Pro models, giving users a performance boost without increasing power requirements. If true, it looks like Apple will be passing on the cost of the new processors to customers in the form of a $300 price boost.

Apple isn’t talking about what’s in store for its next round of laptop and tower updates, so for now the idea that new products will roll out any day is simply speculation. The apparent low inventories and price leaks, coupled with the long gap since the last updates, however, lends some weight to the possibility that new computers are on the way.