AutoCAD Returning to the Mac

| Rumor

AutoCAD, the big name in CAD design applications, looks like it’s returning to the Mac after a multi-year absence. Screenshots of an early beta version of the application showed up at the Italimac online forums over the weekend showing off a few details such as Magic Mouse and trackpad gesture support and 64-bit support.

The images were later pulled from the Italiamac forum, but for at least a few hours, a glimpse into what looks to be on the way was available.

The return of AutoCAD to the Mac is big news, at least for architects and product designers. The application is currently available only for Windows and its return to the Mac could be a catalyst to move at least some AutoCAD users to Mac OS X.

Autodesk isn’t officially talking about AutoCAD for the Mac yet, to there isn’t any word on when to expect an official release.


Lee Dronick

Did someone find the beta software in a taverna?


Autodesk had an enquiry to users of AutoCad a little while ago, asking if one was interested in a Mac-version, so that fits with this rumour.

@ Sir Harry: The latest rumour will have it that it was left in a bistro by the side of an empty bottle of chianti wine:)


AutoBad is popular (60% of market) but not as popular as one might think. AutoBad is not particularly good. For years it has driven bad CAD standards like the phenomenal number of layers in the AIA standard. In other words, why is everyone so excited?


I can’t imagine that an AutoCAD comeback would mean the loss of a single VectorWorks user.


I’m taking this rumor as that and nothing else. AutoCad for Mac goes against the Autodesk tradition of developing (and acquiring) CAD/BIM for the Windows platform only, and I don’t think they are an innovative enough company to do anything else.

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