Axiotron Debuts Modbook Pro

SAN FRANCISCO -- Axiotron has announced the Modbook Pro, an after-market modification of a 15-inch MacBook Pro that turns the laptop into a tablet computer. It will be available in May or June. While the process voids Apple's warranty, Axiotron replaces the covery with its Modcare Hardware Warranty, which completely covers the new computer for one year.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will be at the Axiotron booth on Thursday, January 8, at 1 PM Pacific time for an additional Modbook Pro presentation. He helped unveil the new product on Tuesday.

The Modbook Pro features a 15.4-inch display with 1440 x 900 resolution and a surface layer that uses the company's ForceGlass, for a paper-like feel. It also includes Axiotron's new Synergy Touch technology, which uses an interface called Quicktouch to allow users to enter text or keyboard shortcuts with the Alt, Option or Command keys to modify pen clicks.


Modbook Pro

Quicktouch is part of Axiotron's Quickapps suite, which comes with the Modbook Pro. Its other utilities include Quickclicks for on-screen software keyboard and shortcuts, Quickflip for rotating the screen, and Quickscript for advanced handwriting recognition.

Axiotron is taking pre-orders for the Modbook Pro now. Customers can ask for theirs to include a partitioned drive preinstalled with Windows Vista Business Edition. Pricing for a customer-supplied MacBook Pro starts at US$3,049, while pricing for a Modbook Pro built from a brand new MacBook Pro starts at $4,998. Through January 19, Axiotron is offering promotions that knock $399 and $449 off those prices, respectively. Anyone who adds a Modbook to their Modbook Pro pre-order will receive a $699 discount.

A two-year extension of Axiotron's warranty costs $549, but anyone who includes it in their pre-order for a Modbook Pro will receive a $150 discount. Other promotions currently available from the company include a $100 discount on Modbooks built from brand new MacBooks, or $150 off Modbooks built from pre-owned MacBooks.

In April, Axiotron will make Synergy Touch available as a Modbook upgrade for $449, both for new purchases and for customers who want to upgrade their existing Modbooks. Axiotron will knock $150 off that price for anyone who pre-orders the Synergy Touch upgrade with a new Modbook.