Axon Logic Preps Mac OS X-compatible Tablet

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It’s no secret that Apple frowns on companies making their own Mac-compatible computers, but that isn’t stopping Axon Logic from building a tablet computer that can run any Darwin-based operating system, including Mac OS X. The Haptic tablet also supports Windows and Linux, and might be just what some users hoping for a device that more than an iPad but not quite a MacBook are looking for.

The Haptic sports a 1024x600 10-inch resistive touch screen, 2GB RAM that’s user upgradable, a 320GB hard drive, a 1.6GHz Atom processor, multiple USB ports, built-in ethernet and Wi-Fi, VGA out, audio ports, a built-in speaker, a built-in Web camera, and even a 3G SIM card slot. Unlike Apple’s current product lineup, the Haptic’s battery is removable, too.

The Haptic Tablet

While the Haptic won’t replace most people’s laptop or desktop computer, it has the advantage of being very portable, capable of running multiple operating systems, and isn’t limited to third-party apps from a single source, such as Apple’s App Store or the Android Market.

The Haptic will cost US$800, and you’ll have to provide your own copy of Mac OS X or Windows. Brave souls interested in getting in on the Haptic beta test phase can pick one up for $750.

[Thanks to CrunchGear for the heads up.]

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I expect they will get away with this. Unlike PsyStar they are not selling the OS, just raw hardware. Apple may complain and get them to stop using the Apple, Mac, or OS-X logo, but I would guess they will be clear of most legal land-mines. About the only thing Apple could go after is something on encouraging others to violate Apple’s EULA. However, if Axon just stops talking about it, but the web knows this will work with OS-X, I would expect they should be clear on this too.

Do I expect this will hurt Apple? No.
This is for the experimenter, the hobbyist, the person who wants to tinker. It’s also more expensive than an iPad, nearly as costly as the bottom MacBook. Mainstream customers will get the real thing. It actually reminds me a lot of the ModBook that came out a few years ago. While interesting, those haven’t exactly set the world on fire.


It looks like a digital picture frame. Hey look, penguins can fly!


Hey look, penguins can fly!

Kinda like the whale and bowl of petunias in Hitchhikers Guide.


Couldn’t they just use the Darwin icon instead of the Apple and Mac OS X ones?  Then they still advertise their features and people on the internet will know Mac OS X is a kind of Darwin OS.

I’d like to see one.  The ModBook is too fat for my liking, so I wonder if this is as skinny as an iPad or at least close. ... I just checked the linked-to article.  It says it weights about 2 lbs, while the MacBook is about 4 lb according to Apple’s online store.  So it’s at least lighter, but it’s also 10” vs 13”

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Evolution at work. Beautiful.


Have you guys SEEN their web site? Typos all over the place and incorrect statements to boot. Really unprofessional, not to mention it’s a rip-off of…
I wouldn’t buy from these guys. They don’t seem very, I don’t know, legitimate.


Honestly, I wish Apple would relax a little bit an allow limited scale cloning by companies looking to make niche products like digital sketchbooks.

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