Battery Patent Application Hints at Thinner Apple Devices

The US Patent & Trademark Office on Thursday published an Apple patent application revealing a novel way of designing batteries for mobile devices which could lead to both thinner devices as well as higher battery capacities.

The patent, 20120015236, “Design and Construction of Non-Rectangular Batteries”, was first noted by Patently Apple and describes a method of designing modular battery cells, which to date have been primarily rectangular, using layers that can be arranged to form non-standard shapes that better fit the tight space constraints of today’s mobile devices.

Apple Battery Patent

Patent illustration as edited by Patently Apple.

The application’s illustrative figures demonstrate how the proposed design method can produce batteries that are circular, triangular, or even “L”-shaped. The technology could even produce batteries with rounded edges, so that future devices with rounded bezels can maximize battery capacity by having the battery run flush with the outer edge of the case.

Apple Battery Patent

Patent illustration as edited by Patently Apple.

The application further notes how the new batteries may be designed with hollow interiors, allowing for additional electronic components to be packaged inside the battery itself. All of these developments, if realized, will provide Apple with the tools to both reduce device thickness while at the same time increase battery life.