Bent iPhone 6 Plus? There's a Replacement for That

If you're among the massive horde nine people suffering from a bent iPhone 6, Apple will replace it for you — assuming it hasn't been intentionally twisted out of shape, of course. You'll have to make a trip to your Apple Store's Genius Bar for a visual inspection, and if your 6 Plus is deemed worthy of replacement, you'll head back out the store with a flat iPhone.

If your iPhone 6 Plus is bent set up a Genius Bar appointment for a replacementIf your iPhone 6 Plus is bent set up a Genius Bar appointment for a replacement

The TNW team asked about 6 Plus replacements in an AppleCare chat and were told Apple will replace bent devices under warranty, but made a point of saying that it's up to the Genius Bar to inspect the phone and determine whether or not it qualifies.

Apple came under fire after reports claiming the iPhone 6 Plus bends easily hit the Web. A video showing a 6 Plus being bent by hand spread quickly, and didn't do much to help the company's image.

Apple responded by saying it designed the new iPhones with reinforcement inserts to help prevent bending, and that they use the strongest glass in the industry. The company also said that only nine people have complained about bent iPhones so far.

Nine official complaints doesn't mean there aren't other people with bent iPhones who haven't contacted Apple, so it's likely there are more out there. For now, however, it doesn't seem the issue is as wide-spread as the media is saying.

For anyone with a bent iPhone that's little consolation, but knowing Apple will replace those is at least some consolation.