Beware Fake Adverts Saying You Can Charge Your iPhone in a Microwave

There is a fake advert going around telling people they can recharge their iPhone in a microwave. Don't do it—it will destroy your phone. The ads are malicious fakes designed to look like Apple advertising, complete with an Apple copyright as shown below, but it's a pack of lies designed to take advantage of folks who aren't tech savvy.


Wave Hoax Ad Designed to Look Like an Apple Ad

Most people reading an article like mine will know you can't microwave a phone of any sort, and that Apple didn't announce any such technology as "Wave." Remember, however, that the vast majority of people don't read Apple-centric or tech-centric websites.

Being technically savvy is why we're considered geeks, and the reality is that "Wave" has a certain truthiness to it, especially to anyone who thinks that smartphones in general are but an Arthur C. Clarke step away from magic.

So, rather than laughing about it or judging anyone who might fall prey to such a prank, think about anyone in your family who could be a victim and make sure they know. These will be the people that typically turn to you for help with their computers and mobile devices.

The Los Angeles Police Department went so far as to tweet about this and label the advert a hoax:

It's also gotten mainstream attention from Fox News, NY Daily News, L.A. Times, and other publications.