Black Friday 2014: The Best iPhone Deals

Black Friday RoundupYesterday we discussed iPad deals available on Black Friday (or Sometimes Thursday Night It Just Depends), so today we're moving to iPhones. Before we do, keep in mind that all of these prices are contingent on getting/extending a contract for two years.

And given the variety of carriers and colors and sizes, this is the kind of gift you want to be pretty sure about before you pull the trigger. Considering that if you buy on Black Friday you're well outside the generally accepted 14-day return policy come Christmas Day, you will want to verify the holiday return policy just in case.

iPhone 5s

We'll start with The Previous Hotness, known as the iPhone 5s. It has Touch ID and the "old" size, so it will fit comfortably in all sorts of pockets. If you're interested in upgrading to a 5s, the "regular" (with a 2-year contract) price is US $99.

Generally the going rate on Black Friday deals is $79 for a 16 GB model, with Target (Thursday at 9PM) and Walmart (Friday at 6am) offering this price both in-store and online. Target is throwing in a $30 gift card, and Walmart is offering a $75 gift card with the purchase of a 5s. If you trade in at Best Buy, you can get a 5s for one dollar starting Thursday at 5 both in-store and online.

iPhone 6

Now if you're interested in a 6 (I couldn't find any deals on a 6 Plus), you can walk into any shop today and get one for $199 with a 2 year contract. On Friday, Sam's Club will have the 6 for $99. The Sam's Club ad isn't clear on when things start and who can shop them, so I can't say when or who will get their hands on that super price on the 10-15 in store. This one is a crapshoot anyway since Sam's Club is a membership warehouse much like Costco.

Aside from Sam's Club, you can get a 6 for $179 at Target which includes a $30 gift card. Walmart adds that same $75 gift card mentioned above. Target's offer starts Thursday at 9, and Walmart's at 6am Friday.

A notable mention goes to Target for its offer on the iPhone 5C. Target offers the 5C for a penny, which isn't news, but the offer includes the aforementioned $30 gift card, so you actually make money picking one up.

If you're overwhelmed by data here, you can check out the Dealnews guide to Apple Products and The Black Friday's smartphone section.