Businessweek Comes to iPad with In-app Subscriptions

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Bloomberg’s official Businessweek+ digital magazine app for the iPad hit Apple’s App Store on Monday, bringing with it in-app subscription support. Offering in-app subscription support means Bloomberg signed on to give Apple a 30 percent cut of sales that happen in the application.

Bloomberg Businessweek+ for the iPad includes the same content as the printed edition, behind the scenes videos for feature stories, the ability to manage individual issues and search for content across multiple issues, support for sharing articles via Facebook and Twitter, and more.

In-app readers will pay US$2.99 for four issues, as opposed to the $4.99 they would pay for the same issues in print. Print subscribers can download the digital versions of each issue for free.

Bloomberg Businessweek+ is available as a free download at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.



How much longer will the Financial Times be able to resist following suit, now?


Business Week, the paper version, can had for 40 cents an issue.

Why would/should I pay 75 cents for an electronic version?


Well, if you already have a subscription, the E-version is free. Seems good to me. They’ve essentially made the print subscription the best deal, possibly making more people to keep subscribing to the print version because of the iPad value-add. Seems smart.

Lee Dronick

Meanwhile back at the ranch Time Magazine is offering me an $4.99 annual subscription for the print version. They must be desperate.


OOo. I hope I get that offer too. What Time should do (if they have an iPad mag) is jack the print subscription to $20 and throw in the iPad app for free. I’d buy that for a dollar! (or 20).

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