Carriers Will Embrace Win Phone in Fear of Apple-Android Planet

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Fear of an Apple-Android planet* will cause carriers to embrace and push Windows Phone devices, according to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. The Canadian tech exec said that carriers want a third ecosystem to reduce the power of the two heavyweights in the industry, and that their support will finally make Windows Phone 8 a thing.

The comments came during a conference call with analysts discussing Nokia's September quarter earnings report. As noted by ZDNet's Liam Tung, Nokia sold 6.3 million smartphones during the quarter, or 1 million more smartphones than Apple sold iPhone 5s during its first weekend of availability.

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia is looking to November and the release of the Nokia Lumia 820 (above) and Lumia 920 (below), two devices that have been much heralded within the Windows Phone ecosystem. The predecessor Lumia 900 was also much heralded and much-supported by carriers and has largely been a flop, as demonstrated by Nokia's smartphone numbers for the September quarter.

Nonetheless, Mr. Elop remains ebullient about Windows Phone and its future with his company. During the conference call he said, "There's a dynamic I think we're seeing — and it's spilling out into public discourse particularly in the US — and that is increasing concern amongst operators about the concentration of, if you like, power that is landing with two particular ecosystems that are obviously quite strong out there today."

Mr. Elop also said that if Microsoft enters the market with its own Surface-branded smartphone that it could help boost the overall Windows Phone platform, though he acknowledged that this would make Microsoft a direct competitor with his company.

*With apologies to Chuck D.

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Analysts and pundits alike have long expected Windows Phone to become a serious player in the smartphone market, a market that Microsoft itself helped creates with its early Windows Phone efforts. Despite such constant prognostication, however, Windows Phone simply hasn't taken off, and has instead become marginalized by both iPhone and Android.

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, however, represents a major push from Microsoft, including that company's first serious effort at competing with the iPad with Windows 8 and whatever the company is calling its tablet interface these days. Both Microsoft's Surface and eventual Windows 8 tablets from other companies could conceivably be the extra help Windows Phone 8 needs to be competitive, too.

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I don’t think Stephen Elop is Finnish.  Though hi is an exec of a Finnish tech company.

Bryan Chaffin

You are correct! Turns out he’s Canadian. The article has been corrected accordingly.

Thanks, aardman. smile

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

@aardman : Elop is finished. I give him until March, when he gets fired and Nokia embraces Android.


From the same philosophy “carriers to embrace and push Windows Phone devices” may be as effective as customer’s embracing soup tins and string.


So, Nokia’s plan for the success of their phones, is that carriers will want to push them on customers, as a hedge against the two big players from selling enough really popular phones to gain (keep) true control of the market? Yay for being a third-place speed bump!

Ted T.

@Bosco:  Elop may well be fired, but Nokia will never switch to Android—they are losing too much money. If Windows Phone fails, it will take Nokia with it - either to bankruptcy or being bought by Microsoft or someone else.


Good on Elop for daring to “Fight the Power”


What a sorry world we would live in if there were only two choices, black or white. Well, I want a bit of colour in mine, bring it on Nokia Lumia 920 (a big shinny red one).

Whatever phone floats your boat, kudos to you but I will be getting a Lumia 920

Bryan Chaffin

Good on Elop for daring to “Fight the Power”

Ha! :D


Fear is a very poor rationale for any major commitment, and one that is proven to be non-sustainable once that fear, or its cause, abates.

Personally, I hope that the Win8 phones gain traction through enthusiastic uptake based on end-user experience. If so, then it’s game-on.

Cheers, MS.


The carriers have no fear of Android.  They have the Android phone makers alter it as much as they want, to make the carriers as much money as possible.  WP6/7/8 does nothing to help this.  If anything, WP7 and 8 are worse for carriers because MS won’t let them crapify the phones nearly as much as they can do to Android.

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