Case Manufacturer Drops iPad From 100,000 Feet

G-Form, the iPad case manufacturer who last year demonstrated the durability of their products by dropping an iPad without a parachute from a airplane, has recently claimed to have dropped an iPad from space.

The iPad, which according to the company’s video survived the ordeal unscathed, was encased in the company’s Extreme Edge case, launched by a weather balloon to an altitude of 100,000 feet (19 miles) and then unceremoniously released. 


While impressive to witness, the iPad did not truly reach “outer space,” as its maximum altitude of 100,000 feet fell far short of the general scientific agreement that “space” (in the U.S.) begins at an altitude of 264,000 feet. (50 miles) There are also concerns that because the iPad was fortunate enough to land on its case-protected edge, the impact was not as damaging as it could have been had the device landed screen-first. Finally, of course, the whole demonstration, replete with quick cuts, could be a hoax.

Regardless of the case’s efficacy, the video is a beautiful look at an iPad in a unique environment.