CBS, Disney Consider Apple-based Internet TV Subscriptions

Both CBS and Disney are apparently considering participating in a rumored subscription-based TV service from Apple set to launch in 2010. The rumored service will likely include a selection of shows from major U.S. television networks and will include a monthly fee, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Details on the rumored service are sketchy, but it appears subscription TV could be part of a plan to revamp the iTunes Store.

Interest in the service on the part of at least some big name media companies, however, seems to be limited at best. Apparently at least Turner Broadcasting, Discovery Communications, Viacom and News Corp aren't excited about Apple's proposed service because of the potential to undermine existing cable TV package deals.

It looks like Apple could launch with some shows from CBS and CW, along with programming from Disney's ABC, Disney Channel and ABC Family networks.

Apple and its rumored network partners haven't commented on the TV subscription service reports.