China Greets iPad 2 with Long Lines

Apple released the iPad 2 in China on Thursday, and just like other countries, customers lines up for hours in hopes of getting their hands on the multimedia tablet.

By the time Beijing’s Apple Store opened at 8AM, the line for iPad 2 purchases was already several hundred people deep. The store ran through its inventory in about four hours, leaving a long line of shoppers that missed out on their chance for a launch day iPad 2 purchase, according to M.I.C. Gadget.

iPad 2 lines in ChinaCustomers lined up for hours for China’s iPad 2 launch

Apple launched the iPad 2 in China with only its Wi-Fi models. Customers could, however, choose between white or black, just like in other countries.

Customers in China can order the iPad 2 online through Apple’s Web site, too, although ship times are currently delayed between one and two weeks.

Scalpers were ready to take advantage of iPad 2 demand, too. Several waited outside the Apple Store to buy just-purchased iPads from customers with plans to resell the devices once local inventories were depleted.

Apple launched the iPad 2 in the United States a few weeks ago, then slowly began rolling the device out in other countries. Last week, Apple introduced the iPad 2 in Japan, India, and several other countries.

[Image courtesy of M.I.C. Gadget.]