China Seizes Hundreds of Fake “Apple iPhone” Stoves

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Authorities in China seized hundreds of single burner stoves with a name that many of our readers may be familiar with: “Apple iPhone.” Some 681 of the stoves were seized earlier in February in the city of Wuhan, where they were stored in two warehouses.

Police Seizure Photos - Be careful when placing a call!
Source: NetEase

According to M.I.C. Gadget, an English-language site based in China who got the story from NetEase, the seizure may have been sparked not by the infringement on Apple’s trademarks, but rather because they were deemed unsafe. The devices don’t come with protection against flameout.

Police Seizure Photos
Source: NetEase

In addition to the Apple logo and and the name “iphone,” the devices also included a plate claiming that the stoves were certified under a company called “Apple China Limited.”

Police Seizure Photos
Source: NetEase

Apple has been struggling with counterfeit devices, fake Apple Stores, and other issues related to intellectual property in China, a country without a strong history of protecting such concepts. The company also finds itself accused of trademark infringement over the “iPad” name by a company claiming to own the rights to that name in mainland China.

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I feel sorry for anyone who gets in close while trying to use Facetime.


Fake “Apple iPhone” Stoves, Bryan.

Where does anyone buy a real Apple iPhone Stove ?  grin


I read this Friday and laughed about it all weekend.

Lee Dronick

I feel sorry for anyone who gets in close while trying to use Facetime.

Hot babes want to chat with you.


Careful.  I’ve heard they tend to run hot on 3G.


I?ve heard they tend to run hot on 3G.

3G or Natural G?


I want one.


That’s “Cookin With Gas” ?

John Dingler, artist

It should find its way into some Apple museum in the APPLE’S WIDE REACH section, for historical purposes, showing Apple’s wide influence.

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