China Unicom Offers In-store iPhone, iPad Jailbreaking

China Unicom is offering a unique service to its iPhone and iPad customers: In-store jailbreaking. The cell service provider is offering to hack user’s devices so they can install unauthorized third-party apps, as well as trim SIM cards to fit the iPhone 4 and iPad microSIM tray, according to (translation).

Jailbreaking is the process of hacking an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch so apps that aren’t available through Apple’s App Store can be installed.

Apparently many China Unicom stores are displaying posters offering to jailbreak iPhones and install several apps at the same time. Since jailbreak tools aren’t available for iOS 4.0.2, however, the company is probably offering to hack older iPhone models.

The iPhone 4 is set to officially go on sale in China in mid September.

Apple hasn’t commented yet on China Unicom’s jailbreaking service.

[Thanks to M.I.C. gadget for the heads up.]