Choosing an Apple Watch? Check Out TMO's Staff Picks

After polling TMO Towers, here's a breakdown of Apple Watch purchasing:

As of now, the “no” contingent is Nancy, Vern, John Braun, and myself. Every other response ranged from "oh my yes" to "absolutely yes." Of course, once I get my hands on one my answer might change, but that's what virtually all the answers have in common. All the affirmatives came with a disclaimer of "until I try them on."

On size it's split, with Dave, Adam, and Bryan going 42mm with Jeff and John still debating size until getting to see them in person. Dave, Bryan, and Adam also agree that price influenced their current decision, with Dave and Bryan stating that since there's going to be a version 2 they want to limit their initial investment.

Jeff answered that based on his activities he preferred risking a scratched glass face over a shattered sapphire one, and John said he preferred sapphire over glass. Only Dave admitted wearing a watch daily, while Jeff admitted that he hasn't worn a watch in decades. When asked if they would be interested even if they didn't cover Apple for a living, they all answered yes.

A condensed version of their answers below:


Are you getting an Apple Watch? Yes

Which? Probably Sport, likely 42m. Still trying to decide if silver or space gray will look good with 3rd-party bands.

Why that one? Because I'll replace it when version 2 comes out and I might as well limit my initial investment.

Would you be getting one if you didn’t cover Apple for a living? Not sure. I definitely wouldn't have bought an iPad initially if I didn't cover Apple, and am totally in love with the iPad... that lesson teaches me it's probably worth a $400 gamble to see if I like the Apple Watch. I'm a watch guy and like to wear different watches every day. This is who I am, and therefore I'll definitely get one.



Are you getting an Apple Watch? Yes.

Which one? I had my heart set on Apple Watch (stainless steel) until Dave Hamilton pointed out that I’ll almost certainly be replacing it in a year. From a style perspective I prefer stainless to aluminum, but I’ll most likely get a 42mm Apple Watch Sport. Haven’t picked out colors, and won’t until I can go look at them.

Why that one? Apple Watch Sport pricing makes it more palatable for a year-long device. For me and my budget, that is. It’s a subjective thing. Were I (more) wealthy, I’d get the Apple Watch with Milanese Loop.

Would you be getting one if you didn’t cover Apple for a living? Yes, only it would be Stainless Steel because I wouldn’t feel compelled to replace it in a year.



Are you getting an Apple Watch? Yes. Absolutely yes.

Which one? Space Grey Sport, but I’m not sure which size until I try them on.

Why that one? I’m willing to risk scratches to avoid the higher risk of shattering the sapphire glass on the stainless steel Apple Watch. I’m into outdoor activities and there’s a good chance my watch will go through some abuse. Space Grey because the color looks frakking awesome.

Would you be getting one if you didn’t cover Apple for a living? Yes, indeed. Even with the fact that I haven’t worn a watch in 20-something years. I typically don’t like things on my wrist, but I have a feeling it’ll be different with Apple Watch.

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Are you getting an Apple Watch? Yes

Which one? 42mm Space Grey and Black Band Apple Watch Sport

Why that one? Because I can’t afford/justify $1,099.00 for Space Black Stainless Steel/Sapphire one I really want.

Would you be getting one if you didn’t cover Apple for a living? Probably, but it’d be a lot harder to convince my wife that I NEEDS it.



Are you getting an Apple Watch? Yes.

Which one? 38 or 42 mm stainless steel. Either Sport Band or Black Leather depending on feel/fit.

Why that one? I want a sapphire crystal. I am an expert at scratching watch displays, and it always makes me sad when I ding a new watch. Also, I want a soft, comfortable band. I've never worn metal bands because they cut into my skin and are uncomfortable.

Would you be getting one if you didn’t cover Apple for a living? Yes. I would expect that an Apple Watch will me smarter, more efficient, more aware, more productive -- if I learn to use it right.



Are you getting an Apple Watch? Oh my, yes.

Which one? Either the Apple Watch Sport, Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band (38mm) or the Apple Watch Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop (38mm).

Why that one? I think the Space Gray Sport with the black band is the most attractive option of the less-expensive models, and it certainly seems the least OMG IN YOUR FACE THIS IS A FITNESS DEVICE. The Apple Watch with the Milanese Loop is my favorite watch/band pairing, hands (wrists?) down, but I still haven’t decided if the sapphire crystal and the metal band are worth the extra money to me. Especially considering that this is a first-gen product!

Would you be getting one if you didn’t cover Apple for a living? Yes, but I probably wouldn’t be as concerned with getting it on day one.

Here's the wrists which shall remain naked. Image courtesy of Shutterstock


Are you getting an Apple Watch? I don’t need one. I have my Mac, a phone, and two iPads and am home most of the time, so the watch, as wonderful as it is, will not add anything to my life experiences at this point.


Are you getting an Apple Watch? I am not getting an Apple Watch with the current level of functionality because first, I’m a simple man. My long standing view of a watch is as a device that serves a very basic purpose, in that it tells me the hour, minute, second, date and day of the week. Second, I see the current level of functionality of the Apple Watch as largely redundant considering what I can already do with my iPhone 5s. The only thing I'd gain would be Apple Pay, and I’m just not willing to part with $349 minimum just to do this, with my current mix of credit and debit cards finally introducing either wireless and/or chip functionality of their own.