Chrome for Mac Gets QuickTime Support

The latest pre-release version of Google's Chrome Web browser for the Macintosh is a little more functional thanks to the addition of QuickTime and printing support.

The update for the pre-pre-available-to-the-public-but-not-even-beta-yet version of the Web browser also includes plenty of warnings about potential crashes. For example, the release notes state "Plugin whitelist has been removed, so that Chrome will attempt to load all NPAPI plugins. Expect more plugin crashes."

The update also includes warnings about app freezes if an older version of Chrome is running when the new version is installed, has issues with some keyboard shortcuts, re-enabled Command-Tab to switch applications when Chrome is the active app, and more.

Google Chrome for the Mac is still a pre-beta application, so expect crashes and system stability issues when it is running. For now, Google Chrome for the Mac is a nice preview of what Google has in store, but shouldn't be relied on for daily work.

The Google Chrome pre-beta release is available as a free download at the Google Web site.