Circus Ponies Take Command of OS X Garbage with iTrash

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Circus Ponies released a new app on Wednesday called iTrash that gives Mac users more control over their OS X Trash. On the light side, the software includes 20 different animated icons for the trash can. On the more serious side, it offers users greater control over trash emptying functions, including a Force Empty menu option, an Auto-Empty function, and the ability to control where your Trash appears on your desktop.

iTrash Screen

iTrash Options

iTrash features, according to Circus Ponies:

  • Place the trash anywhere on your desktop and it will stay there
  • Float the trash above or below document windows
  • Set the trash’s appearance from over 20 iTrash characters, including Robot, Black Hole, Valley Girl, Surfer, Zombie, Chimp, Mac Classic Trash Can, Wizard, and more
  • Secure Empty to securely delete sensitive documents
  • Force Empty to override the Finder when it declares it won’t empty the trash
  • Auto-Empty to automatically remove items that have been in the trash too long
  • Eject mounted devices from a handy menu of mounted disks and .dmgs
Black HoleBug ZapperRecyclerWizard

Four of the animated trash icons: Black Hole, Bug Zapper, Recycler, Wizard

iTrash is priced at US$4.95, and works with Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion.

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Alex M

I have been a user of Notebook for Mac for a long and was waiting for Notebook for iPad… First disappointment, Notebook for ipad is just lame… But now I discover that Circus Ponies wasted (!) time developing… a trash !

Come on guies ! Go back to improve Notebook and stop making garbage. I will not waste a penny in such a stupid piece of software.

I am really disappointed… again !

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